Welcome to the Ozark Troy District of the

 Southeast Alabama Annual Conference of the 9th Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Inc.


It is with passionate gratitude that I serve The Church and its Leadership and Constituency in this new season of my life and that of The Body of Christ! Welcome to the Ozark Troy District:

Since no single church has the ability to do the gospel effectively to all people of a city or region, we passionately embrace the genius of Methodism’s claim to connectionalism , that kingdom provision of partnership and koinonia for carrying out the critical contemporary mandate of The Church. Hence, the Ozark Troy District seeks to become all that connectionalism is! Here, we confidently become more God-Centered, Kingdom-Minded, Church-Focused, and Gospel-Centered in implementing the Vision of Bishop Davis as he expresses covenant with African Methodism’s Mission through 2012-2016 MINISTRY MODELS.

Accordingly, the scripture makes clear that God takes pleasure in pouring His power and manifesting His presence upon those who radically align themselves with Kingdom Purpose and Godly Authority. You will note the measure of that blessing upon the Ozark Troy District Pastors and Leaders who understand our purpose to equip ourselves for the End Time Shift that is upon The Church as we seek to serve and solve the world’s problems. I believe Pastoral effectiveness and Leadership faithfulness is necessary. This Top Ten List is a standard by which our effective faithfulness is evaluated:

1.         In our Preaching you are able to see Jesus … that we have spent time with him in our preparation.

2.       In our Administration you are able to see the scars of Christ; thus, hear the depth of a Mature Christians.

3.       In our Fellowship you are able to see our heart daily being changed resulting from new life in Christ.

4.        In our Ministry you are able to see our virtue and acceptance is born of our failures … the weaknesses we walk out by grace.

5.       In our Prayers you are able to see our relying on the power of God and His Word of promise, not our ability, intellect, and emotions.

6.       In our Missions you are able to see our labor more grace-based, more sacrificial, more giving, more missional, and our community and city around us becoming more beautiful, safe and just as a result of God’s Empowering Presence upon our people in our church,

7.        In our Evangelism you are able to see the full emphasis on what Christ has done for change instead of what needs to be done to change … through our witnessing and “living the Christian life.”

8.       In our Membership you are able to see People are compelled by grace to believe and to move into Koinonia instead of being coerced by guilt or gimmicks to join and grow a church.

9.       In our Worship you are able to see an experience a willing faithful audience of both dynamic and interesting churched and non-churched folk … not offended, but encouraged by a presentation of hope found in the Gospel.

10.      In our Giving you are able to see a greater satisfaction of sacrifice that pleases God.

The best church on the Ozark Troy District is literally all our churches as we covenant as one! I look to see you in Koinonia and Covenant with one of us.


Andrew T. Holtz, Jr.

Presiding Elder Dr. Andrew T. and Mrs. Ramona B. Holtz

Upcoming Event

Ozark Troy District Planning Meeting
Saturday, November 30

St. Paul AMEC - Brundidge
513 Galloway Road, Brundidge, AL 36010
ph: (334) 735-3804

A Thanks & Praise Assembly


  • 8:00a - 9:30a   INTERCESSORS on the Alter PRAYING of us
  • 8:30a  Pastor's report meeting with Presiding Elder
  • 9:30a  Corporate Prayer of THANKSGIVING w/ Personal Testimonies
  • 10:00a General Assembly Praise & Love Feast
  • 10:30a General Assembly Presiding Elder Business Session
  • 11:00a General Assembly Praise & PE Rhema Word and Benediction


St Paul Ame Church
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Ozark Troy District Planning Meeting 
Saturday, November 30 

St. Paul AMEC - Brundidge 
A Thanks & Praise Assembly
w/Presiding Elder Andrew Holtz, Jr.


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